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After a couple of wandering seasons I found myself back at KingdomQuest. I began reading the things that I had written and remembering the circumstances that drew those things out of me. I evidently needed a separation and  testing time to really see what I believed.  As I began to read I felt myself emerging out of a haze in my thinking. Could I have really wandered off my spiritual path and forgot about the teaching of The Spirit?  In fact that is exactly what I did.


I hear the Spirit saying "go back and look again at the things you KNOW are truth". You have the answers. Now get the understanding. Meditate on them and let them bloom again in you and they'll bloom again around you. So that's what I am doing!                                                                                                                                                              


Go back to what you knew and knew with such a confidence!  Smell the fragrance of a rose  or glow in the painting of the sky that once moved you! Go listen to Kari Jobe sing "You are for me." Again, and again! Listen to her sing "The more I seek you"!  Or find your own song. Watch your grandson take a rose, put it in a styrofoam cup, tie a pipe cleaner around and call it art.


The haze will pass away and see more clearly the steps back to regain your spiritual footing.

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Comment by Katt on October 26, 2011 at 1:38pm
Keep writing John and you will discover again the Spirit within. The Spirit within you is wise and strong and peaceful and is pure love.

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